SASSS (San Antonio Senior Shopper Shuttle)– a senior transportation initiative for all of the vastly underserved 350,000 seniors in the San Antonio/ Bexar County region. Over 47.5% of the senior population are Latina. There are over 150,000 veterans of which over 60,000 are seniors. 

Let me introduce myself. My name is Mel Feldman I am a 77 year old veteran, and I moved here from New York over 14 years ago.  

SASSS was formed in 2014 when I was appointed to represent the City Council District 9 to the City/County joint commission on elderly affairs. While I served as a chairman of senior transportation and public safety and as a member of executive board, I realized that I served only as an advisor and I decided to go outside the box and that is when SASSS was formed.

I registered the name as a non-for-profit with the Bexar County clerk’s office and the secretary of state in Austin. Texas. As a 501(c)3. In 2014

The mission of SASSS is to improve the quality of life for all the seniors in the San Antonio/Bexar County region, regardless of Race, Religion or Gender.  The goal of SASSS is to transport seniors to all the shopping venues as well to various social events.

SASSS will provide the answer to the vastly underserved senior community, which will grow to 650,000 by the year 2050.  By providing a fare-free, door-to-door, wheelchair-accessible service.  Senior’s riding with SASSS will experience a safe, comfortable and an enjoyable ride and be treated in a respectable manner. SASSS will serve all the 27 suburban cities in Bexar County.

All the veterans employed by SASS will be fully certified in CPR and the use of defibrillators, they will also be drug tested quarterly as well as they will be given a full criminal background check. The schematics are to divide San Antonio/Bexar County into four quadrants and place two shuttle buses in each quadrant. Veterans will not only be driving the SASS buses; they will be employed in the areas of safety, maintenance, mechanical and dispatch as well. The only non-veterans working for SASSS will be training the veterans. 

There will be two veterans aboard each shuttle. One will be the driver, the other an assistant driver.  The assistant driver will pick up the seniors at their door and escort them safely onto the shuttle bus.

When the seniors board the bus, they will be provided with seat belts and overhead storage and space to store their walkers or any other disability aids. SASSS will also have an ice cooler chest for any insulin or medicine that has to be chilled while in transit. Upon returning home, the veteran will assist that senior with their purchases.

We have many supporters such as the Propane Council of Texas, speaker of the House Joe Strauss. Representative Joe Pickett who has served in the House for 21 years and is the chairman of the transportation committee. The retail branch of Microsoft will assist with technical support when SASSS begins operating.  The National Center for Senior Transportation in Washington DC and among many concerned citizens for the underserved senior community, while serving in the Texas Silver – Haired legislator, I served as chairman of the urban/rural committee. My colleagues told me I was light years ahead of everyone and that SASSS can serve as a template for the entire state of Texas. SASSS was unanimously approved by the City/County Joint Commission on Elderly Affairs. The fact remains that the SASSS senior transportation initiative will have a significant impact on thousands of citizens in the San Antonio/ Bexar County region for generations to come.  All the senior population statistics are supplied by the official state demographer, Dr. Lloyd Potter. What I as the executive director, I am asking for the citizens of San Antonio/Bexar County to contact by any means necessary all the elected officials at City Hall, the State Capitol at Austin Texas, and Washington DC to enact legislation to fully fund the SASSS senior transportation initiative that I have put forth. 

Three entities will benefit from the SASSS project:

1- Veterans will get JOBS.

2- Seniors will become more MOBILE.

3- This is a huge boost for the ECONOMY.

This is not a Democratic or Republican issue, this is a humanitarian effort, to benefit our senior population. The SASSS senior transportation initiative is not a legacy project.